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Compact microSD Adaptor   CMSD-Pink

Tired of tripping over your tiny thinking machines tail while toting? Tidy up your storage with this useful compact microSD adaptor.

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Pimoroni Tote Bag   PimoroniTote

The legendary Pimoroni tote bag, previously only seen at Maker Faires, Raspberry Jams and holding Paul's shopping, can now be yours to own!

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Adjustable Bent-Wire Stand

This handy bent-wire stand is great for general purpose electronics & TFT holding.

  • Small  ACS001

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  • Large  ACS002

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Travel Card Holder   W-0101

A useful little travel card holder, great for oyster, octopus or library cards!

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SMT/SMD Resistor and Capacitor Book

Tiny SMT components like resistors and capacitors can be a pain to keep track of but we've got your back! These handy little folders are chock full of a dizzying array of resistor and capacitor values, ideal for prototyping your PCBs before full production runs on pick-and-place machines.

  • 0805  COM-B001

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  • 0603  COM-B002

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  • Empty Book  COM-B012


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Coretec 'Tiny 4WD' Robot Rover   CORETEC-001

This well-crafted kit from Coretec Robotics has all the bits for the heart of your own capable little four-wheel drive rover.


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IR remote control   IRRemote

So you're building a project but don't necessarily want to have to sit next to your Raspberry Pi to control it. Maybe you want a discreet build, or just want to be able to step back and see how it looks from a distance.

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Python Pocket Reference   BOOK 9781449357016

This is the book to reach for when you're coding on the fly and need an answer now.

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