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No workshop is complete without an array of tools. We've picked out the best of everything; from heavy duty scissors, test equipment and all the bits you need to start soldering.


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Mini Offset Ratchet   DR-55

This super low profile driver is pocket sized and lets you work in really enclosed or restricted areas


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Fairlötet solder - 100g

Every piece of consumer electronics uses tin solder to some degree. While tin is easy to recycle the majority used in electronics still come from mines which are often located in developing countries where tin is won under hazardous conditions for people and environment alike. Fairlötet are aiming to change all that

  • 0.5mm  STAN 599102


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  • 1mm  STAN 599105


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Canary Cardboard Cutter

Without a doubt the best cardboard cutting tool we've seen, ideal for opening boxes, cutting strapping or building cardboard forts!

MAKEDO Safe-Saw (pack of 5)   MDO 30004

The MAKEDO Safe-Saw will cut thick or thin card without any safety risk - the specially designed teeth on each of the saw blades will not cut skin.


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Mini Hand

Mini Hand is a third hand helping tool designed to be extremely versatile, yet affordable.

  • Black  HC-MH-BLK


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  • Red  HC-MH-RED


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  • Green  HC-MH-GRN


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  • Blue  HC-MH-BLU


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  • Silver  HC-MH-SLV


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Third Hand   HS-TH

The Third Hand quickens soldering, electronics, and DIY projects allowing you to finish your work faster than ever before!


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Pana Hand   HC-PH

The Pana Hand Workstation seamlessly integrates with PanaVise workholding products for the ultimate workstation!


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Universal Crimping Pliers   PA-21

An extremely versatile high quality crimping tool target capable of crimping over 100 different crimp pin types from various manufacturers including open barrel type crimps & crimp pins that have longer 'lugs' (wings)


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