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    Our product pages have a bunch of really useful information on them - what boards do, which components they have, links to which pins they use, the software, datasheets, and important notes. Check the page for your product first, the answer may be there!

    Posting a message in our support forums is an easy way to get help from us and others. Please include as much detail as possible, including photos of any solder joints or parts. Every little helps!

    We're also on Discord, and have a support channel there. Click here to join!

    Shipping/Tracking Question?

    Standard shipping doesn't include a tracking number, and can occasionally take a little longer to arrive than the stated times. Sit tight, but do get in touch with us if it's been more than 3 weeks.

    If you only want to contact us to ask when your parcel will arrive then unless you paid for a tracked service we can't tell you - we can only estimate based on the service times of our carriers. You can find all shipping details on our Shipping Information page.

    If you paid for a tracked service then the tracking information will be in your shipping confirmation e-mail.

    All other questions

    Our support hours are 9AM to 5:30PM GMT, Monday to Friday. We aim to respond to tickets within 24 hours during these times.

    Click here to open a support ticket with our team.