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Space Shuttle Discovery Soldering Kit

by Phyx

Create a mini 3D version of the Space Shuttle STS Discovery with this beautifully designed soldering kit from Phyx, our maker friends in Belgium.

This small card-style PCB kit requires a CR2032 coin cell battery (not included) to power 3 candle-style flickering LEDs-as-thrusters.

Assembly Instructions

  • Carefully depanelize the PCB by bending pieces out.
  • (Optional) File or sand the rough edges.
  • Pay close attention to the orientation of the battery holder and the LEDs.
  • Carefully bend the LED leads and solder them in place before assembling the shuttle.
  • Slide the wings over the leg of the body.
  • Pay attention to the polarity marks on the shuttle body and the baseplate.
  • Solder the mechanical joints on one side first. This will allow you to make easy corrections when it's not perfectly perpendicular.

Enjoy and put it on display on your desk or workstation. This is a gorgeous kit that you'll actually enjoy for long after assembling!

Comes unassembled (it's a kit, dontchaknow!)

Does not include solder wire, soldering iron, or diagonal cutters.