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Motor Connector Shim (MCS) (pack of 2) – Regular

by Pimoroni

Mount this shim on the back of a micro metal gearmotor and gain the ability to connect it up to your project with a handy JST-ZH cable.

Simply solder this board to the back of one of our micro metal gearmotors and from that point forth be free from soldering! Using cables to connect up your motors means they're easy to incorporate into your robotics designs, and straightforward to connect/disconnect if you need to swap out your motors for ones with different gear ratios. We've also added a decoupling capacitor right at the motor terminals to reduce noise.

Don't want to solder? You can also buy micro metal gearmotors with the shim pre-applied!

Kit includes

  • 2 x Micro Metal Motor Connector Shim (MCS)

Motors and cables are sold separately.