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Micro Metal Gearmotor with Motor Connector Shim (MCS) – 50:1 Regular

One of our popular micro metal gearmotors, equipped with a pre-soldered Motor Connector Shim.

We've fitted this motor with a Motor Connector Shim so that you can connect it up to a controller board (like Motor SHIM for Pico) using a convenient 2 pin JST-ZH cable, with no soldering required. Using cables to connect up your motors means they're easy to incorporate into your robotic designs, and straightforward to connect/disconnect if you need to swap out your motors for different ones.

If you need a motor with a different gear ratio, we also sell Motor Connector Shims on their own so you can solder them on yourself.

Cables are sold separately.


This gearmotor is a miniature brushed DC motor with a metal gearbox.

Ratio Speed @ 6V Free-run current @ 6V Stall torque @ 6V (minimum) Stall current @ 6V
50:1 420±10% rpm 90mA max 0.4kg. cm 920mA datasheet
  • Long (9mm), 3 mm-diameter D-shaped metal output shaft.


  • The regular variant of MCS has the connector coming out of the bottom of the motor (or top, if you mount the motor upside down!). Use the sideways variant if you want a connector on the short side of your motor.