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Micro Metal Motor Encoder (MMME) (pack of 2) – Regular

by Pimoroni

Add this shim and magnetic disc to your micro metal gearmotor to upgrade it into a super smart encoder motor!

Solder this board to the back of a micro metal gearmotor, push the magnetic disc onto the end of the motor shaft and tada - you have yourself a quadrature encoder motor, which uses Hall Effect sensors and magnetic discs to provide your microcontroller with feedback on how fast and how much your motor is moving.

Once your motor has this MMME apparatus attached, you can connect it up to a controller board like Motor 2040 using a convenient 6 pin JST cable. Using cables to connect up your motors means they're easy to incorporate into your robotics designs, and straightforward to connect/disconnect if you need to swap out your motors for ones with different gear ratios. 

Don't want to solder? You can also buy micro metal gearmotors with MMME pre-attached!

Kit includes

  • 2 x Micro Metal Motor Encoder Shim (MMME)
  • 2 x 6 pole magnetic discs

Motors and cables are not included (but you can find them under extras).


  • Solder the contacts on your motor to the two pads on the shim, making sure the positive contact goes to the positive pad. If you get the polarity mixed up then the motor will still work, but it will spin in reverse!
  • Slot the magnetic disc onto the rear motor shaft, making sure to leave a small gap (<1mm) between the disc and the sensors. Note that the magnets will only work one way round - the side with the dots on should be pointing away from the motor.


  • Connector pinout: M+, M-, 3v3, A, B, GND
  • The regular variant of MMME has the connector coming out of the bottom of the motor (or top, if you mount the motor upside down!). Use the sideways variant if you want a connector on the short side of your motor.