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40-pin GPIO Ribbon Cable for Raspberry Pi – Black

This 175mm long GPIO (general purpose input/output) ribbon cable lets you extend the reach of your Raspberry Pi's pins, bridging them out to other boards or PCBs.

The Raspberry Pi's GPIO can be used for all sorts: twiddling pins on or off, providing 3.3V or 5V power, communicating with I2C or SPI devices, and much more. This cable gives you a bit more flexibility in where you route those signals.

This cable works great with our pHAT Stack and Mini Black HAT Hack3r boards.


  • 175mm long x 51mm wide
  • 40 wires, 2x20 pin female connectors
  • Pin 1 is marked by the white/pink wire


Be careful to connect this cable to your board the correct way around. You can't use it with a male header to connect to a HAT's female header, as the pins will be mirrored. You'll risk damaging both your board and your Raspberry Pi if you connect the cable incorrectly so, if in doubt, check the order of the pins on the connector with a multimeter before connecting things up!