Folding Tablet Stand

A useful, portable gadget stand, great for propping up all sorts of stuff.

This sturdy plastic apparatus is officially a tablet stand and it will do a good job of holding up your tablet, e-reader or phone at a variety of adjustable angles, useful for watching Youtube videos whilst doing a spot of soldering or for Zooming on the go. It's got non-slip pads on the bottom and on the surfaces that your gadget rests against to stop things from moving around and getting scratched.

We've found them pretty handy for other things too! We've used them in conjunction with some perspex to make our 8" and 10" screen panels into portable displays for Raspberry Pi workshops- the stands fold down really small so it's easy to pack them in a box or chuck one in your bag on the way to the makerspace. We've also used them at events for displaying adhoc signage and for showing off stuff like LED matrices, Ubercorns and other treasured pirate artefacts.


  • Dimensions (when folded up): approx 180mm x 34mm x 27mm (L x W x H)


  • The plastic joints have internal ratchets, which are fine for supporting small and medium tablets. They go a bit saggy if you ask them to hold up something too oversized/heavy, so you probably don't want to plan on using this to hold up your iPad Pro!