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Adjustable wide angle lens (for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera)

Control every aspect of your Raspberry Pi-based photography with manually adjustable aperture, zoom and focal length (2.8mm-12mm).

We've tested a fair few CS lenses with the High Quality camera and we liked the range of this one - the nice wide field of view means that it would make a good security camera or wide area web cam, but it's also capable of getting up close and personal. You could take advantage of the adjustable focal length and aperture to create interesting artistic effects like lens flare and bokeh.

This lens is CS mount so you don't need to use the adaptor that comes with the High Quality Camera, it just screws straight on.

Please note Raspberry Pis and High Quality Cameras are both sold separately (check out the extras tab!)


Aperture D/f' F1:1.4
Focal length (mm) 2.8 - 12
Mount CS
Horizontal Field 93° - 28.7°
Dimensions (mm) 30.2 x 38.9
Weight (g) 53g
Minimum Object Distance (m) 0.2
Operating temperature -20° to +80°c
Back Focal Length (mm) 5-12

Sample Images

Far away and close up images taken with this lens (thanks for the photos James!)