Weatherproof Cover/Enclosure for Outdoor Sensors (Stevenson Screen)

by TFA Dostmann

This practical cover protects electronics that need to be outside (like temperature and humidity sensors) from sun and rain, whilst maintaining airflow.

The slots in the protective cover ensure air can circulate inside for accurate and unadulterated readings, even in direct sunlight. The enclosure also protects against rain and comes with a variety of mounting options so it can be easily placed anywhere outside. It works well combined with our Wind and Rain Sensors Kit - we attached the mounting bracket to the metal pole with two cable ties that are included.

The protective cover is also ideal for housing transmitters or other boards with cables attached, thanks to the cable opening in the bottom. Our Weather HAT and Pi Zero combo fits inside nicely! Note that this cable opening is quite small, so you will need to enlarge it if you want to fit chunky connectors like RJ11 or USB connectors through.

  • For temperature or thermo-hygro transmitter
  • Protects against rain and direct sunlight
  • With opening for sensor cable
  • Easy to assemble, with mounting parts, inside dimensions: Ø 60 x 160mm [*] [*]
  • Dimensions (L) 95 x (B) 102 (108) x (H) 175 mm