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Engineer® Screw Removal Pliers – M2 Mini (120mm)

by Engineer

Meet "Neji-Saurus", the unique pliers that will firmly grip screw heads, nuts, or bolts thanks to the clever design of their jaws.

Crafted in Japan, the plier's unique jaw groove and lip design, allows you to firmly grip a screw and simply twist it out (normal pliers would just slip off) - the jaws can even grip & extract truss head screws (low-profile dome heads) as well custom/specialised and tamper-proof screws.

  • Slender jaws for access no matter how much space you have
  • Compact but powerful design
  • Ideal for removing stripped, rusted, damaged, or tamper-proof screws
  • Inter-meshed jaw teeth allow a firm grip on the thinnest of materials
  • Strap hole in the handle
  • Cushioned ergonomic grip with oil resistance
  • 'T' profile forged handle (the grips won't twist or slip off)
  • Constructed from S55C carbon steel (Hardness: HRC 60±2)
  • Made in Japan (ROHS compliant)

Also includes cutting blade for use on up to 1.2mm copper wire.

About Engineer® brand tools - "Tools with spirit"

Engineer Inc. isn't your average tool company – it's a playground of innovation and quality! Born from a dream to craft tools that thrill both pros and DIY enthusiasts, this company dances to a rhythm of precision, durability, and slick design.

In their world, tools aren't just tools. They're treasures for tinkerers, gadgets for geniuses, and wonders for woodworkers. Engineer Inc. boasts a treasure trove of offerings, from trusty hand tools to high-tech electronic gizmos, all made with love, care, and a sprinkle of engineering magic.

Founded in 1948 as Futaba Tools, Engineer Inc. has its roots deeply embedded in the rich tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. Based in Osaka, Japan, the company rebranded to Engineer Inc. in 2005 and quickly became synonymous with precision and innovation.

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