Micro-USB Socket to Plug and USB-A Socket Adapter (Accessory Injector)

This hacky adapter cable lets you connect a keyboard, game controller or other USB accessory to a micro-USB host device (like a Raspberry Pi Pico), whilst supplying power at the same time. 

We sourced this cable so that we could plug a keyboard into PicoVision and play Doom, but it could be used to connect a USB accessory or peripheral to any micro-B host device that supports USB OTG (On-The-Go), such as a Raspberry Pi Pico / Pico W or a Pi Zero W / Zero 2 W*.

⚠ Using USB in experimental ways can damage your USB ports and your devices, please only use cursed USB cables like this if you know what you're doing!


  • * Note that if you're using this cable to connect an accessory to a Pi Zero, you'll need to plug it into the micro-USB port that's closest to the mini-HDMI connector - this one does power and data.