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by TinyFPGA

The TinyFPGA A1 board is a bare-bones FPGA board in a tiny form-factor. Add custom digital logic to your next project!

The TinyFPGA A1 board is a bare-bones breakout board for the Lattice MachXO2-256 FPGA.

  • Tiny, just 1.2 by 0.7 inches
  • Low power 3.3 volt operation
  • 18 user IOs (21 with JTAGEN)
  • 256 4-input look-up tables
  • 2 kilobits distributed RAM
  • 1 SPI Hard-IP
  • 2 I2C Hard-IPs
  • Built-in flash configuration memory programmable via JTAG

See the TinyFPGA A-Series User Guide for all the information you need to get your FPGA project up and running. If you are new to FPGAs and want to learn more, follow The Hobbyist's Guide to FPGAs on Hackaday.io.

To program the TinyFPGA A1, you can use the inexpensive TinyFPGA Programmer. The official Lattice JTAG programming cable and other FTDI2232-based programmers will work as well if you already have one.