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T-Stand - Mini Soldering Iron Stand

A pocket sized (<40mm), uber portable mini soldering stand, perfect for use with the TS100 (and other smart soldering irons).

This diminutive but sturdy soldering stand is made of heat resistant ceramic and has non slip pads on the bottom to stop it skidding about. There's a cleaning sponge included, and a cavity at the back that you can use to store a (small) roll of solder. You could install it into an Altoids tin or loot box to make a handy pocket sized solder station to take to the hackspace or whip out in case of a soldering emergency!

It's designed for use with the TS100 but it would also suit other similarly sized lightweight soldering irons, like the TS80P.


Material zirconia
Product Size 35 x 40 x 8.5mm
Product weight 26.7 g
Packing PC transparent box
Packaging size 50 x 50 x 20.5mm