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Rotary Potentiometer – 1 kΩ

You'll find these rotary potentiometers in our Maker Essentials kit, but they're so useful we decided to offer them on their own!

Pair them with something like our Explorer HAT Pro or Explorer pHAT to read precise values from them.

  • Total resistance: 1kΩ (NH00N2CB1K), 10kΩ (NH00N2CB10K) or 100kΩ (NH00N2CB100K)
  • Total resistance tolerance: ±20%
  • Max. operating voltage: AC 50V / DC 20V
  • Rated power: 0.05W
  • Rotational noise: less than 100mV
  • Insulation resistance: more than 100MΩ at DC 250V
  • Total rotational angle: 280° ±10°
  • Linear resistance taper (1B)
  • Datasheet