Raspberry Pi 5 Official Case with Fan – Red/White

by Raspberry Pi

The official Raspberry Pi Case for Raspberry Pi 5 is a clip-together four-part enclosure with an active cooling fan. It keeps your Raspberry Pi 5 at a comfortable operating temperature even under heavy load.

It includes an integrated variable-speed fan that's as clever as it is cool, which plugs into the dedicated connector on your Pi 5 board.

The official case is now available in two colour ways: Raspberry Pi's signature red-and-white livery and a super swish black and grey option.


  • Integrated, temperature-controlled cooling fan that connects to the fan connector on Raspberry Pi 5
  • 2mm × 17mm × 4mm heatsink with self-adhesive pad improves heat transfer from the processor
  • Easily removable lid exposes fan and breakout slot for cables and GPIO
  • Integrated mounting features allow for case stacking
  • HATs can be mounted to the enclosure with stand-offs and GPIO header extenders
    (not included)
  • Four silicone feet for the case are included


  • Input voltage: 5V DC supplied via four-pin fan header on Raspberry Pi 5
  • Fan speed control: Pulse width modulation control with tachometer
  • Maximum airflow: 2.79 CFM
  • Maximum fan speed: 8000 RPM +/- 15%
  • Case material: ABS (base, frame, lid) and PC (fan assembly)

Assembly instructions

  1. Unpack the case from the box and remove the accessories envelope.
  2. Remove the heatsink from the envelope inside the case.
  3. Remove the heatsink backing and stick the heatsink to the raised section of the CPU on Raspberry Pi 5. Push down on the heatsink to achieve good adhesion of the heatsink to the CPU.
  4.  Remove the four silicone feet from the accessories envelope and stick these to the underside of the base of the case in the lozenge-shaped areas provided.
  5. Unclip the white frame containing the fan assembly from the red base, and insert your Raspberry Pi 5 into the base. The board fits under the plastic tab at the microSD card end. Make sure that the board sits flat in the base and that the connectors are aligned to the holes.
  6. Lay the white frame containing the fan assembly upside-down next to the red base, and connect the fan cable to the four-pin connector labelled ‘FAN’ on Raspberry Pi 5. Take care to ensure that the cable’s connector is the correct way round when inserting it. Make sure that the fan cable is fully connected.
  7.  Clip the white frame containing the fan assembly back onto the red base to complete the assembly.
  8. Now you can connect the necessary cables to your Raspberry Pi and turn on the power. The button on the case can be used to power up or power down your Raspberry Pi.
  9. Optionally, the lid can be unclipped to reveal the fan, mounting points, and cable breakout slots, such as GPIO.
  10. Holes for optional HAT and case mounting and for case stacking are provided in the transparent part of the fan assembly and in the underside of the base. Suitable stand-offs and GPIO header extenders (not included) are required to mount HATs on top of the case.
  11. The fan assembly with its transparent surround can be unclipped from the white frame if you wish to use the case without the fan.