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3 Pin JST-SH Cable (Pico Debug) – JST-SH to DuPont Pins

These three wire JST-SH to DuPont cables let you use the debug port of your Pimoroni Pico/Pico H/Pico WH board for easy, solderless SWD programming.

These cables are available with a choice of pin or socket DuPont (jumper wire) ends - you'll need the pin version if you want to connect your Pico board to a breadboard or female headers, or the socket version to connect it to a Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins (or something else with pin headers). Either way you're ready to program your board with traditional SWD or by using a Picoprobe!

The JST-SH connector (at the Pico end) is the same one that we use on our Grow moisture sensors, so these cables could also come in useful if you want to hook a standalone moisture sensor up to a microcontroller or breadboard.


  • JST-SH 3P socket connector
  • 3x pin or socket DuPont connectors
  • Approx 30cm long