Piezo Transducer (Passive Buzzer)

This piezo tranducer can be used as a passive buzzer or to play tiny, bleepy tunes. Ahoy!

It's got sturdy, labelled pins for connecting to jumper jerky or poking into a breadboard. The specs list the minimum voltage as 4V, but we found it worked fine with 3.3V from a microcontroller.

Check out this Tom's Hardware article for how to play tunes using a Raspberry Pi Pico!

Rated Voltage(V) 6
Voltage Range (V) 4~8
Rated Current (mA) ≤32
Sound Output (dB) ≥85
Resonant Frequency (Hz) 2300±300
Operating Temp (°C) -20~+45
Storage Temp (°C) -20~+60
Weight (g) 2