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Fairlötet solder - 100g – 0.5mm

by Stannol

Every piece of consumer electronics uses tin solder to some degree. While tin is easy to recycle the majority used in electronics still come from mines which are often located in developing countries where tin is won under hazardous conditions for people and environment alike. Fairlötet are aiming to change all that

It's ecological

  • No usage of primary minerals (sourced from mines)
  • Only highly-purified second-source resources used
  • More than 90% of the fluxing agent is made from renewable resources
  • Preservation of natural resources for responsible treatment of the environment

It's fair

  • Conflict-free sourcing
  • Avoids unfair working conditions
  • Supports local NGOs to help further the goal of sustainable and fair tin mining through the Fairlötet e.V. association.

It's reliable

  • Alloy purity conforming with ISO 9453:2006
  • RoHS conformity (lead-free)
  • Tin-copper alloy without silver
  • Stannol is certified under the environmental management best-practice norm ISO 14001

Parts of the revenue support NGOs in affected countries and further work of the Fairlötet association

For example:

  • Part of the donations are donated to WALHI, the Indonesian local group of "Friends of the Earth"
  • Negotiating with South American mining companies to implement standards like IRMA so that we'll be able to get fair tin directly from mines instead of just recycling
  • Funding educators to do seminars on fair electronics at the Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • Taking the message to Makers Faires
  • Researching other areas to improve fair electronics sourcing (e.g. copper)
  • Teaching other groups to do something similar in their area of interest (rooting for a fair Arduino)
  • Lobbying politicians

This solder has a melting point of 227°C. Datasheets and more supply chain information can be found here.