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KittenBot KOI Artificial Intelligence Module

by KittenBot

KOI is a matchbox sized but capable Artificial Intelligence module, compatible with micro:bit, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. It's programmable with MakeCode, so it's a great beginner option for getting started with machine learning.

This clever little box is equipped with a camera, a microphone, a speaker and an IPS screen -  so it can learn to recognise faces, voices, objects or patterns.  It also has integrated wifi, meaning it can easily communicate with the cloud to upload and process data.

It even comes with Lego-compatible mounts on the underside - so it's super easy to start attaching to your projects. Ideal for giving a robot a brain so you can train it to follow your dog round, for rigging up a smart intercom to your bedroom door or for making a machine that identifies types of fruit!


  • AIoT - a combination of artificial intelligence and Internet of things.
  • Comprehensive AI functions, including speech recognition, speech synthesis, visual recognition.
  • Cost effective offline artificial intelligence module, add an AI brain to your projects.
  • Discover artificial intelligence through simple block programming.
  • Self training machine mode. Supports importing of trained models


  • Face recognition (Supports 20 classifications, output position and confidence)
  • Classifier (The user-defined recognition of any object supports up to 20 classes within 100 sample size; offline training, no computer operation or pre-loading of classification model to SD is needed)
  • Visual tracking (Circle / Rectangle / line / colour block)
  • Voice Processing / IoT (Speech recognition & synthesis, voice recording & playing, voice transformation, offline keyword recognition, access of network or local sound database)
  • Scanning (Image recognition, OCR character recognition, license plate recognition, expression recognition, etc)


MCU k210
Flash 16MB
Overall dimension 58x40x24mm
Main control supported microbit, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and any microcontroller with serial port function
Display 1.3" IPS screen (240x240)
Camera RGB (640x480)
Audio input / output 48K single channel sample rate output
8K sample rate microphone input
Wireless communication WiFi (Based on Esp8285)
Data output mode UART / WiFi / USB
Image transmission channel USB / WiFi
Button  2 (programmable)


SD card TF Card
Memory Card support ≤16G
Power supply voltage 3.3~5V

Supported programming environments