Illuminated Button

A 16mm yellow/orange illuminated momentary button that's ideal as a power button for our Picade X HAT, or just for situations when you need a small illuminated button.


  • Momentary switch
  • Yellow/orange translucent cap with LED
  • 2.8mm spade connectors for switch
  • 2.8mm spade connectors for LED (polarity marked on underside of switch)
  • 16mm diameter
  • Screw-fit
  • Datasheet


  • Suitable for mounting in panels up to ~10mm thick
  • Overall depth (including spades): 30mm
  • Hole diameter: 16mm
  • Cap dimensions: 13mm diameter, 3.5mm high
  • Button fascia diameter: 18mm
  • Ensure that you use a suitable current-limiting resistor for the LED
  • Forward voltage is approx. 2.2v, we power it from the 3v3 on the Pi and use a 330 ohm resistor.