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Metal Illuminated Button (Picade Power Button)

A snazzy black 16mm momentary button with a yellow/amber illuminated ring.

We recently switched to using this button for our Picade - it's nice and sturdy, with a comforting orange glow when it's turned on. It's also waterproof!


  • Momentary switch
  • Black metal casing with a yellow/amber LED
  • Reversible polarity LED
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Contacts: Single Pole Double Throw
  • 2.8mm spade connectors for switch (labelled NC, NO and C)
  • 2.8mm spade connectors for LED (labelled 1 and 2)
  • 16mm diameter
  • Screw-fit
  • Pinout
  • Datasheet


  • Suitable for mounting in panels between 1 and 9mm thick
  • Overall depth (including spades): 34.8mm
  • Hole diameter: 16mm
  • Cap dimensions: 3mm high
  • Button fascia diameter: 18mm
  • Ensure that you use a suitable current-limiting resistor for the LED
  • We power ours from 3v3 on the Pi and use a 330 ohm resistor.