Header Pins and Sockets for PGA2040 – Pin Array

Custom header pins and matching sockets that will let you mount your PGA2040 as nature intended (that is, towering majestically above your project like a 486-era CPU).

The PGA2040 is a useful minimal breakout on its own, but we couldn't ignore the similarity to CPU packages of our distant youth. So, we had these custom pins and sockets made especially to relive that bygone era.

Pins and sockets are sold separately, and have a combined height of around 5.6mm when plugged into each other (excluding the pins).Ā 


  • 48 pins, arranged with 2.54mm (0.1") spacing in a Pin Grid Array
  • Compatible with PGA2040
  • Soldering required.
Pin Array Socket
Total pin length (mm) (Ā±0.20) 7.8 4.6
Pin length (PCB end) (mm) (Ā±0.20) 1.5 -
Pin length (socket end) (mm) (Ā±0.20) 3.5 -
Pin width (mm) (Ā±0.03) 0.45 0.5
Housing dimensions (mm) (Ā±0.30) 20.32 x 20.32 x 2.8 20.32 x 20.32 x 2.8
Current rating 3 Amps/contact max 3 Amps/contact max
Soldering temperature +260Ā°C, 10s max +260Ā°C, 10s max



  • The pins and sockets fit togetherĀ in a very solid fashion andĀ may need someĀ persuasion if you want to separate them - be sure to apply even upwards pressure to avoid bending the pins. If you want to make them easier to unplug, consider incorporating a hole into your PCB design so you canĀ poke at the PGA2040 from underneath!