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Electronics Kit for Pico (Lite Edition)

by Monk Makes

This low-cost simple to use electronics kit will teach you electronics and coding with your Raspberry Pi Pico.

Build ten great projects including: A touch switch, a thermometer, a light meter and lie detector.

The kit includes the following components: custom breadboard with Pico pin names, jumper wires, header pins, a servomotor, resistors, LEDs (including a huge 10mm RGB LED), two push switches, a phototransistor, buzzer and variable resistor.

The kit also includes a free download of a 68 page instructions book by Simon Monk

A Raspberry Pi Pico is not included - click here if you'd like to buy one. The kit includes headers that will need to be soldered to your Pico (or just grab one of our pre-soldered Picos)