Black Plastic Angled Bracket (pack of 10)

Lightweight corner brackets with M3 bolt friendly mounting holes, useful for connecting two panels of wood or acrylic together at right angles.

We use these to connect the panels together in our desktop arcade machine Picade but they could also be used in lots of different maker projects - for mounting components on robot chassis, building cases and enclosures for things like security cameras or perhaps even in more general construction projects like birdboxes.

They've got several differently shaped mounting holes for attaching fixings and straps - we've found that M3 nuts and bolts work nicely in all of them.


  • 90 degree angle
  • Dimensions: 30mm x 16mm x 11mm
  • Round holes: 3mm
  • Long holes: 9mm x 3mm and 6mm x 3mm
  • Drawing