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3-Axis Joystick with Button

This fancy analog joystick has the usual X and Y axes, but you can also rotate the knob for a third Z axis of movement - great for robotics projects! Plus, it has a button on the top.

The X, Y and Z axes of this joystick use 10KΩ potentiometers and are sprung, so when released they will quickly move back to their starting position. The extra axis makes it great for piloting robots precisely but joysticks like this are commonly used to control big industrial machines and as navigation in CCTV/security systems. It's ideal for use with microcontrollers that have analog inputs (check out our growing collection of RP2040 boards!).

The joystick comes with a circular front mounting bezel with M2 screws and a rubber gasket to protect the insides of the joystick from dust and other nasties. The X and Y axis potentiometers on the sides have contacts to solder wires to (or you could use spade connectors to connect them up). The Z axis potentiometer and button come with bare-ended wires pre-attached.

Getting Started

Connect one side of each potentiometer to ground, and the other side to a higher voltage and read the analog voltage off the middle (known as the wiper).

The pre-attached wires are:

Yellow (x2) - button

Red / white / black - Z axis potentiometer. The black wire is the wiper.


Potentiometer Resistance 10KΩ
Resistance Angle 50°
Resistance Tolerance ±10%
Independent Linearity ± 1 %
Output Smoothness 0.5 % max
Operating Torque X and Y: 260gf,Z: 350gf
Restoration Error Rate ±1.5%
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Datasheet link

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