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USB to UART serial console cable

Want to access your Raspberry Pi from your laptop or computer without needing to hook it up to a screen, find an extra keyboard and mouse, or configure networking? Then this is the thing for you!

With a single cable you can directly connect to the serial console of your raspberry pi and also power it these are especially useful with model where usb ports limited there is no ethernet socket for networking

  • Provides serial console access
  • Powers your Raspberry Pi
  • Plugs directly into the GPIO header (see diagram)
  • Avoid having to setup a full screen, keyboard, mouse, and networking to use your Raspberry Pi
  • Use a terminal emulator to access your Pi!

Windows and Mac drivers are available. Install them just plug in the cable and fire up a terminal emulator program. We recommend PuTTY for Windows it's free and easy to use.

Setup your terminal emulator to point at the correct port usually something like COM6 and set the baud rate to 115200