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Crocodile Clip to USB Test Cable (1m)

A black and red USB-A cable with a double set of plastic insulated 28mm crocodile (or alligator) clips at one end - perfect for extracting 5V power from a convenient USB port!

We've found these cables to be really useful around the workshop, for when we need a cheeky 5V *right now* to test something out. We especially liked them for temporarily powering bits of LED strip as they clipped right onto the pads with no soldering required, very handy for testing and prototyping. You could also couple them with a USB Tester to make a pocket sized ammeter for measuring and fine tuning the power consumption of your devices.

We'd recommend using these cables with USB power supplies that have protection against short circuits and overcurrent built in as accidentally shorting the clips together is quite easy to do.

  • Cable length: 1m (including USB plug and clips)
  • Croc clip size: 28mm
  • Heavy duty 20AWG wire (max 3A)