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Ultra Bright 4 Watt Chainable RGBW NeoPixel LED - Warm White - ~3000K

by Adafruit

Better grab some sunglasses, sunscreen, and a bucket hat because these NeoPixels feature a 4W RGBW Warm White LED and are so bright it's like taking a vacation ON THE SUN.

Alright, maybe we're exaggerating, but these chainable NeoPixel LEDs are not only super-smart, they are also ridonkulously bright with 4W total, 1 Watt per channel, compared to 0.2W of a 'standard' NeoPixel.

Each order comes with one RGBW NeoPixel LED on an aluminum PCB/holder/heatsink. Please note that even though the PCB acts as a heatsink, 4W is a lot of power to dissipate as heat so you may need an additional heatsink or fan or other cooling mechanisms!

Each order comes with ONE fully assembled NeoPixel with JST 3 SM connectors at both ends. We stock cables that you can use to connect to these - note that Adafruit use a connector with pins at the data in (DI) end of these LEDs, which means you'll need a connector with sockets to attach to your microcontroller. The colours of our wires are also different, so make sure you double check your power / ground wires are going to the right place!

Don't forget to set your NeoPixel driver for RGBW mode, which is not the default usually. The 4th channel is connected to the 3000K warm white LED element.

Adafruit have a tutorial showing NeoPixel wiring, power usage calculations, example code for usage, etc. Please check it out!

Please note: these are high power LEDs, you need a strong 5V power supply that can provide at least 1/2 A per LED

We also have a Cool White version of these chainable NeoPixels.


PCB dimensions: 35mm x 25mm x 6.4mm

Specification Sheet