TS101 Smart Soldering Iron (USB-C or DC Power Input)

A compact, super lightweight soldering iron with precise temperature control. It's got two power inputs so can be powered via USB-C (PD 3.0 / 3.1) or DC barrel jack.

The Miniware TS101 is an upgraded version of the TS100 smart soldering iron, which has become a firm favourite in the maker community. It's perfect for first time solderers or if you're looking to swap your old iron for a shiny new adjustable temperature model. It's lightweight, suitable for a variety of hand sizes and great for manoeuvring around pins and into tricky crevices. There's an OLED display and buttons built into the handle so that you can easily tweak the temperature, plus an auto sleep mode and built in overheat detection. You can connect it to a computer with the included USB-C to USB-C cable if you want to tinker with the firmware.

It comes with a B2 (pencil shaped) tip but we sell replacement TS100 tips in a variety of sizes that will also work with TS101.

TS101 doesn't ship with a power adaptor - you'll need a 9-24V DC supply with a 5.5mm barrel jack (old laptop/netbook power supplies are ideal) or a USB-C supply that supports PD 3.0 or 3.1 (Power Delivery). With a 24V DC supply connected, it will get up to temperature in around ten seconds.

What's new for TS101?

  • Dual power inputs, so you can power it either via USB-C PD or via 5.5mm DC barrel jack.
  • Larger 128x32 pixel OLED screen to improve readability.
  • Improvements to how the tips are secured.
  • An anti-slip cap is included which can be used as a simple stand to support the iron and prevent it from rolling. It can also be used to improve grip and help remove the soldering tip.
  • New 'boost' setting for helping with chunky soldering joints

DC+PD Dual Power Inputs

  • Maximum Power up to 90W (with USB-C PD 3.1)
  • Fast to melt tin, various power sources to meet multiple applications
  • DC and PD inputs cannot be used at the same time

The TS101 Smart Soldering Iron uses DC and PD dual power input. The power range of the popular DC5525 interface has been extended to DC 9-24V (up to 65W). A USB-C interface replaces the original Micro USB interface, which serves for firmware upgrade, and a standard PD power input up to 45W.

The TS101 firmware can be upgraded to support Standard PD3.1 input. After upgrading, it can take in 28V when using USB-C interface for power input. PD Working Power increased from 45W to 90W.

To unlock USB-C PD3.1 28V input on the TS101, you'll need to:

  • Upgrade your TS101 firmware to APP 2.0 or above and set menu "PDPwMax" to OFF
  • Use a power supply that supports PD3.1 28V 5A output
  • Use a USB-C power cable that supports 50V 5A 240W EPR

Accurate Control, Intelligent Protections

  • Auto Sleep
  • Auto Screen Off
  • Detailed Menu
    • 3 Preset Temperatures
    • Display Direction for Right/Left Hand
    • Boost Mode
    • Power Source Selection
    • Modifiable Sensitivity
  • Accurate Temp Control
  • Smart Algorithm Compensation

One Button to Boost

Bigger soldering joints are just a piece of cake!

How to Boost: In working state, hold Button A to enter Boost mode; after releasing, the controller will adjust to preset working temperature


Shell colour Dark Grey
USB Interface USB-C (Power Supply and connection to computer)
Working Voltage & Power DC 9-24V 9-65W (MAX)
PD 9-28V 9-90W (MAX)
Power Input DC 5525 Wide Voltage, PD3.1
Temperature Range 50-400°C
Temperature Stability ±2%
Tip Resistance to Ground <2Ω
Controller Size L 98mm, ⌀16.5mm
Tip Size L 105mm, ⌀15.5mm
(Different models of tips will be slightly different)
Weight (Controller & Tip) 33g

Package includes:

  • TS101 Controller
  • Soldering Tip (TS-B2)
  • Anti-slip cap
  • USB-C Silicone Cable
  • User Manual