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Troika Eco Beam

by Troika

Refined understatement is often the best way to achieve your goal – especially if you have this LED torch on your team.

ECO BEAM is very small when it is in your pocket, yet it boasts an incomparable 6-fold zoom for adjusting the beam of light. The miniature light is also a big deal when it comes to sustainability: its built-in rechargeable battery can be recharged again and again using the USB charger cable.

Torch , LED (white light), 3 light functions: 2 light strengths, flashing light, magnetic function, rechargeable, thus environmentally friendly, battery 600 mAh, charging cable included, aluminium / steel, matt, Black

  • Working flashlight with magnetic cap for attachment to the bonnet, refrigerator, etc.
  • LED flashlight, white light, 3 light functions: 2 light strengths, blinking light, 6x zoom, with magnetic function, rechargeable - ECO friendly
  • With 6 x zoom, ideal for the adjustment of the light beam
  • ECO BEAM - very long-lasting, durable, and environmentally friendly due to the ecological reload function.