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Strawbees STEAM Starter Kit

by Strawbees

The introductory toolbox for educators and young makers at home looking for a STEAM solution. Includes a booklet with 11 activities and a poster!

What are Strawbees?

Strawbees is a construction set for you to build things that can stand, move, spin, glide, or even walk across the floor.

Strawbees is a construction set, which means it’s made to build things. It is as a material for people to express, test and share their ideas, developing the necessary skills to think creatively.

The 4 color-coded connectors have respectively 1, 2, 3 and 5 legs. You can fit straws on their legs, slide a straw through the hole or click a leg on a hole. Colour-coded straws are carefully measured and resistant enough to endure daily use.

No additional parts are required. You can build structures, mechanical contraptions, and robotic mechanisms all with these 4 connectors.

The STEAM Starter kit is a personal sized building set with 230 pieces to build several small towers, moving mechanical cranes and arms. The building set comes with 5 different precut straw sizes and 4 color-coded connectors organized in the box.


  • Play = Learning – extend learning at home for young makers and build creative thinking skills to invent anything you can imagine.
  • Self-Oriented Learning – an introduction for teachers, librarians, and STEM educators to follow along on Strawbees Learning platform and professional development experiences.
  • Different lengths & color-coded pieces – there are 4 types of connectors and 5 different cut straw lengths cut all color-coded making it easy to follow the activity instructions.
  • All materials are custom-made, durable, and reusable – finish building, disassemble, and begin a new project.

For at home: everything needed to start inventing out of the box to engage learning at home.

For educators: use as a way to build anything from the Strawbees Learning platform or use as a personal kit in a professional training environment.

What's included?

  • Connectors – 1-leg Blue × 37
  • Connectors – 2-leg Yellow × 18
  • Connectors – 3-leg Green × 25
  • Connectors – 5-leg Pink × 13
  • Building straws – 240mm Blue × 25
  • Building straws – 205mm Green × 12
  • Building straws – 112mm Pink× 30
  • Building straws – 80mm Orange × 36
  • Building straws – 48mm Yellow × 34
  • Activity Booklet × 1
  • Poster × 1
  • Free access to lesson plans at Strawbees Learning

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