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Steel case for PiKVM

by HiPi

This case will allow building a turn-key solution based on the PiKVM HAT and Raspberry Pi board.

Actually this is not just a case, but a kit. It includes:

  • Steel enclosure - High quality steel with cool ​​sand-texture finishing
  • Tiny LCD screen - It can display the IP address, host name, uptime, and can also be used to display other information. PiKVM OS includes a set of libraries that allows you to display almost anything using Python.
  • Fan for active cooling - It will protect your device from overheating. PiKVM is able to control the fan speed using PWM, so it will not run at maximum speed all the time.
  • Plastic housing for the LCD screen - This tiny piece of plastic is responsible for the robust support of the LCD screen inside the case. HiPi used injection molding for making that display holder.
  • Assembly hardware - A set of screws and nuts to assemble the case and install the fan.