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by Mission Control Lab

The Station breaks out more than 50 microcontrollers via the Shuttle and with micro:bit or CLUE by itself in the right angle cardreader.

It's pads make a variety of microcontrollers including Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the Adafruit Feather range easily accessible in combination with the Shuttle.

This breakout board let’s you connect to your favorite components in 6 directions using your favorite conductive connections and materials. The Station simplifies the process of making projects with microcontrollers by letting you build out - and not up.

The extra power pads along the sides give design freedom with less cross connections during collaborative activities with microcontrollers. The right angle mount of card reader displays the microcontroller flat against the back of the board. This feature gives great versatility for your hobby and education projects on table tops, mounting on a wall or inside an object.