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SR-71 Solder kit

by Phyx

The Blackbird kit is based around a standard coin cell and two 3mm LEDs.

It has been designed for use in Flemish schools therefore all the technical specifications about the plane are written in Dutch. Once assembled the SR-71 measures about 6 cm long.

Kit contents

  • 2x3mm candle flicker LED
  • SMD CR2032 battery holder
  • SMD Switch
  • PCB

Please note: This kit will need a CR2032 coin cell which is not included (though you can pick them up here)

Assembly instructions

  • carefully depanelize the PCB by bending it
  • optionally file or sand the rough edges
  • pay attention to the orientation of the battery holder and the LED
  • slide the 2 wings past the LED pads
  • carefully bend the LED leads and solder them in place before assembling the plane
  • slide the 2 wings back and solder them in place
  • pay attention to the polarity marks on the plane body and the baseplate
  • soldering the mechanical joints on one side first will allow you to make easy corrections when it's not perfectly perpendicular