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Solar Bug 2.0 - 4 pack

by Brown Dog Gadgets

Create a solar powered insect that zips around and makes noise!

Learn about solar energy in a fun and creative way! The new solar bug design has students creating a simple solar circuit in minutes using only conductive tape! Cut out your bug, decorate it, then add your solar cell and vibrating motor! These bugs will zip around any smooth surface when in direct sunlight and make a silly clattering sound.

Each Solar Bug Kit includes all the parts you need to create your own bug. Building a bug takes 5-10 minutes to construct, with additional time needed for decorating.

The kit comes with supplies for four full bugs, as well as 8 different card stock bug templates to choose from. Additional bug parts (legs and wings) can be found in the online guide. Scissors and colouring supplies not included.

Kit includes

  • 16x Googly Eyes
  • 4x Solar Cells
  • 4x Self-Sticking Motors
  • 4x Foam Tape Squares
  • 4x Double-Sided Bug Cards
  • 1x 5m Roll 1/4” Maker Tapeβ„’

Directions, Lesson Plans, and Videos

Printable directions in English and Spanish can be found on the online Project Database, along with leveled Lesson Plans and Student Activity Sheets.

Classroom Packs

This kit is also available in a larger pack designed for use in a classroom. For details, e-mail us at sales@pimoroni.com