Soil Moisture Sensor & Water Level Sensor Module

by Velleman

This package includes a water level sensor and a soil moisture sensor.

If the boards have water covering the sensor parts, an analogue value will be available at the "SIG" connection.

The water level sensor can sense up to 4 cm of water. This way, you can track whether or not your aquarium or your pet's water bowl still has enough water in it.

You can use the soil moisture sensor to keep an eye on your plant's soil or the environment of a terrarium for example.


  • measures water levels up to 40 mm (1,57")
  • includes:
  • water level sensor
  • soil moisture sensor


  • voltage: 5 VDC
  • dimensions: 65 x 20 mm ( 2.6 x 0.79" )
  • weight: 5 g
  • User Manual