Serpente - A Tiny CircuitPython Prototyping Board – Serpente (female USB-C)

by Solder Party

A tiny CircuitPython development board, perfect for quick projects and prototyping!

The Serpente boards are low-cost development boards designed to be used with Adafruit’s CircuitPython.

All three boards are virtually the same, except for the USB connector. The standard Serpente board contains a female USB Type-C connector, the Serpente Plug C contains a male USB Type-C connector, and the Serpente Plug uses the board itself as a Type-A USB plug.

If you are familiar with the Digispark boards, you may notice some similarities. This fact is of course not incidental, the Serpente boards are inspired by the Digispark, both in form-factor as well as use-cases. The Serpente boards are meant to be used as quick and dirty, yet flexible, prototyping tools.

Technical details

  • ATSAMD21E18A 32-bit Cortex-M0+ running at 48MHz
  • 256KB flash and 32KB RAM
  • 4MB Flash for storing files and CircuitPython code
  • 6 highly customizable GPIOs
  • 250mA LDO
  • 3.3V logic and power
  • Powered either from USB or external source
  • User-controlled RGB LED
  • Mounting holes on the Serpente female Type-C board
  • Castellated edges so the boards can be used as modules easily

Guided Tour

  • USB A, male or female USB Type-C Connector - Three options to choose from, use the one that works best for you! USB is used for both data and power. The Type-C connectors support only USB 2.0 signals and are hardwired to be a Sink only.
  • Reset Button - Allows you to reset the board quickly and if you double press it, the board boots into the bootloader.
  • 4MB Flash Storage - All 4MB of the storage are available to you, you can store your CircuitPython files as well as logs, images and more! When connected to a PC, the flash storage shows up as a disk drive.
  • ATSAMD21 Microcontroller - Cortex-M0+ running at 48MHz, not the fastest thing around, but fast enough for prototyping and simple applications.
  • 6 Flexible GPIOs - All 6 GPIOs can be used as analog inputs, PWM outputs or regular digital IOs. You can also configure them to be SPI, I2C and/or UART.
  • 3.3V LDO - The LDO provides up to 250mA of current for you.
  • RGB LED - Each color is user-controllable with a possibility to PWM the colors.
  • Optional External Power - If you don't want to use the USB to power the board, connect an external source (max 6V) to the VIN pin and you're ready to go!
  • Mount holes (female Type-C only) - We used the extra space to provide you with two mounting holes in case you want to make sure your Serpente stays in place.
  • Breadboardable - The spacing of the headers allows you to use the boards with a breadboard, both as GPIO and power!
  • Castellated edges - You can easily use the Serpente boards as CircuitPython modules.