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Screw Removal Pliers (Neji-Saurus)

The unique design of the jaws on these pliers mean that they will firmly grip screw heads, nuts, or bolts.

The serrated jaws are angled inwards to grab the rim of the screw head allowing you to remove them no matter how damaged or specialised they might be!

  • Slender jaws for access no matter how much space you have
  • Pocket sized design
  • Suitable for M2 to M4 screw heads
  • High quality carbon steel
  • Ideal for removing stripped, rusted, damaged, or tamper-proof screws
  • Strap hole in the handle
  • Cushioned grip with oil resistance
  • Made in Japan

Also includes cutting blade for use on up to 1.2mm copper wire.

Watch this video for how to use effectively.

* Dinosaur not included