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RP2040 Stamp Carrier

by Solder Party

A reference design for the RP2040 Stamp, also a full-fledged RP2040 Uno form-factor development board!

The Carrier is a reference design for the RP2040 Stamp. It comes with a combo SMD/TH Stamp footprint, you can solder the Stamp directly to the Carrier or use 2mm pin headers + sockets to be able to plug it in and out.

The Carrier extends the functionality of the Stamp by adding a BOOTSEL button, LiPo and Qwiic connectors, USR and PWR LEDs, an SWD header, and a USB Type-C connector.

The board can be powered from the LiPo, over USB, or with a DC jack.

By using the RP2040 Stamp Carrier, you get everything that comes with the Stamp itself:

  • 8MB of FLASH
  • 500mA 3.3V LDO
  • A Neopixel
  • LiPo supply and charging circuit (with charging LED)
  • A reset button
  • 12MHz crystal

On top of that you get:

  • A bootsel button
  • 3.7/4.2V LiPo connector
  • Qwiic connector
  • Power (3.3V) LED
  • SWD header
  • USB Type-C connector
  • DC Jack

The DC Jack input is center-positive and supports voltages in the range of 7-12V. If you have the LiPo and either DC or USB connected, the battery will begin charging.

The board follows the Uno shield pinout, making it compatible with a large ecosystem of shields, as long as they work on 3.3V IOs. The pins are not 5V-tolerant.

The SWD header follows the Cortex 10-pin standard.

The CircuitPython firmware for the RP2040 Stamp comes with a built-in board file for the Carrier, you can access it using import stamp_carrier_board as board. After that, you can access all the Carrier pins and interfaces like you would with any other CPY board.


  • An Uno form-factor RP2040 Stamp Carrier board
  • A set of socket headers: 1x 6 pin header, 2x 8 pin headers, 1x 10 pin header (all not soldered)
  • A pinout and functionality reference sheet

Specs and Docs