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RevPi MIO – Flexible and efficient I/O Module for Revolution Pi

by Kunbus GmbH

The new RevPi MIO is a multi-I/O expansion module that combines both digital and analog features.

Temperature sensors, valves, controllers or other actuators and sensors can easily communicate with the industrial control level using these input and output modules.

Just like the already available I/O modules for Revolution Pi, RevPi MIO is also operated with 12 - 24 V, connected to the RevPi base modules via the connector on top and configured via the PiCtory software.

Specifically, the I/O module expands the base modules, RevPi Core and RevPi Connect, by eight analog inputs, eight analog outputs and four digital inputs or outputs.

The four digital ports can be configured completely flexibly as inputs or outputs. For the analog channels, there is a 28-pin I/O connector with spring clamp contacts on the front, and for the digital channels, there is a 4-pin screw terminal on the top.

RevPI MIO is an ideal analog I/O starter module – compact, easy-to-integrate and, above all, attractively priced.


Compatible base modules RevPi Core
RevPi Core 3
RevPi Core 3+ 8GB
RevPi Core 3+ 16GB
RevPi Core 3+ 32GB
RevPi Connect
RevPi Connect+ 8GB
RevPi Connect+ 16GB
RevPi Connect+ 32GB
No. of Inputs 8 analog, 4 digital
No. of Outputs 8 analog, 4 digital
Power supply 24V
IP code IP20