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RevPi Digital IO modules – DIO

by Kunbus GmbH

Expand your Revolution Pi system by adding digital I/O expansion modules.

To transform Revolution Pi into an industrial control unit, various digital I/O modules can be connected to the base module RevPi Core. The I/O modules come in three versions. All have the same 28-pin I/O connector at the front (connector with two rows of 14 pins each – two suitable 14-pin socket connectors with spring clamp contacts for the connection of up to 1.5 mm² stranded hookup wires are supplied).

In addition to the standard version with 14 digital inputs and 14 digital outputs, there are also two special versions that exclusively have either 16 digital inputs or 16 digital outputs.

All versions have galvanic separation between PiBridge logic circuit and inputs resp. outputs (600 VRMS isolation voltage). The RevPi DIO version has additionally galvanic separation between inputs and outputs. All versions are protected against interference according to EN 61131-2 requirements and may be operated between -40 °C to 55 °C ambient temperature with up to 93 % rel. humidity.

RevPi DIO RevPi DI RevPi DO
No. of Inputs 14 16 0
No. of Outputs 14 0 16
Power supply 24V
IP code IP20
Datasheet DIO DI DO
Pinout Pinout
Compatible base modules RevPi Core 3
RevPi Core 3+ 8GB
RevPi Core 3+ 16GB
RevPi Core 3+ 32GB
RevPi Connect
RevPi Connect+ 8GB
RevPi Connect+ 16GB
RevPi Connect+ 32GB