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Retro 4-digit LED Display (QDSP6064)

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Now there's no need to dust off the Atari 2600, don a pair of bell-bottoms, and stick on some Boney M to take yourself straight back to the 70s.

These lovely little displays were used in the Hewlett-Packard 3x-series of calculators and have tons of retro charm!

  • Bubble lenses for each digit
  • Super low current draw (5mA per segment)
  • DIP-12 package, perfect for breadboarding
  • 1.6V forward voltage
  • Retro-chic included
  • Part number: QDSP6064


These are common cathode LED displays with four 7-segment (plus decimal point) digits. Each digit has a "bubble" lens which magnifies the digit and intensifies the brightness.

Check out the full datasheet and this handy Arduino library

See it in action!

Gee hooked up this little demo showing a counter and some calculator text with an Arduino.

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