Red 7-Segment Digit Clock Unit

by M5Stack

UNIT-Digi-Clock is a 2.1 inch 4-digit 7-segment display module. There are decimal points on each digit and an extra wire for colon-dots in the center, which can display Decimals and Clock.

This module adopts TM1637 as the driver IC, and STM32F030 as I2C communication. I2C address can be modified per 4-bit dip switch. The red LED supports 8 brightness. And we have reserved 4 fixing holes there.


  • 4-digit red dislpay
  • I2C port, adjustable I2C address
  • 8 brightness
  • Low power consumption
  • 4 fixing holes for multiple installations


  • 1x UNIT-Digi-Clock
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable (20cm)


  • Clock display
  • Data display
  • Stop watch


Spec Parameters
Driver IC TM1637
Communication I2C, addr: 0x30
Power Supply 5V DC
Net Weight 12.5g
Gross Weight 17.8g
Product Dimension 50 x 31 x 14mm
Package Dimension 136 x 92 x 15mm

Power Consumption Testing

Environments Current on DC5V
Standby Mode(All off) 2.5mA
SG1 6.6mA
SG2 10.3mA
SG3 17.5mA
SG4 38.7mA
SG5 42.0mA
SG6 45.7mA
SG7 49.2mA
SG8(All on) 52.5mA

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