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Raspberry Pi Pico adapter for Keyboard FeatherWing

by Solder Party

This adapter was designed specifically to allow driving the Keyboard FeatherWing with a Raspberry Pi Pico.

The Pico can be soldered directly to the adapter using the SMD pads or using pin headers to plug the Pico into the Adapter.

The Pico boards are quite capable and very cheap, so they make a good alternative to Feather boards for the FeatherWing. Additionally, no extra components are needed to adapt the Pico to a FeatherWing, making the adapter cost low.

Note: Because the Pico only has 3 analog pins, only A0, A1, and A5 of the Keyboard FeatherWing can actually be used to read analog values.

What you get

You will receive the Adapter board and pin headers that can be used to plug the adapter into the Keyboard FeatherWing. The FeatherWing and Pico are not included.

Specs and Docs