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Raspberry Pi Camera Mount

A stylish, small, and adjustable mount for your Pi Camera. Read more...

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A stylish, small, and adjustable mount for your Pi Camera.

  • Allows four different angles of repose.
  • Four Screws to secure your camera
  • Made from lush matte black acryclic
  • 1/4 inch hole for tripod mounting.

How about some assembly instructions and useful tips?


3.75 Average

12 Reviews

Darren Tarbard

I got a round white thing in my packet that isn't listed in the instructions so not sure what to do with it. It's not threaded so it's not for a tripod. I feel like the back of the PCB (with all the surface mount components) is relatively unprotected whereas the front is entirely covered but needs less protection.


This is a neat and practical camera mount, but it doesn't attach to a tripod. The hole has been made 1/4" clear, which means the tripod screw has nothing to bite on (yes, I read the instructions). I feel an opportunity has been missed to make the hole 13/64" (or 5.16mm) which could be threaded by the customer if required. I might have a threaded insert I could install, but I'm sad that it's necessary.

Rob Schmersel

As Richard already said 4 bolts and 8 nuts would make this a perfect kit :)

Ben Hall

Nice mount but can't be used on its own with the pi zero camera unfortunately.


I got several pimoroni cases and I love them. However, this part I didn't get. The piece that was to make it "stand" was impossible to attach (too small?) and it ended up breaking, making it useless as a stand. This was a while ago, perhaps a production issue? Have not tried another.,


Simple and ingenious, but a bit hard to move between the notches if needed.

Christo Panayotov

I would set it's OK, I received mine with one bolt less, but find another one in the local hardware store. Better get one, if you're going to use Pi camera.

Richard Griffin

I received 5 bolts and 7 nuts. Had it been 4 bolts and 8 nuts it would have been perfect as the 4 additional nuts make excellent spacers between the mount and the board preventing any bowing when the ones used to fix the board to the mount are tightened.

Guy Attfield

After some delicate experimenting, I settled on the following safe and secure method of mounting my new Pi camera (V2.1):- 1. fit 4 screws to the mount with nuts finger-tight only; 2. waggle the screws to align them with the camera board, so that with care, and keeping it parallel to the mount, the camera board will slide on and off; 3. carefully tweak the nuts just tight; 4. again slide the camera board carefully and square down the screws - if it sticks, go back to 2; 5. If, like my kit, yours contained 5 screws and only 7 nuts, fasten the camera board in place with the remaining 3 nuts. The nuts supplied with my kit give the proverbial fag paper's clearance (perhaps 0.2 - 0.3mm) between the connector and the mount, which is ideal! Fantastic value for money, but I echo Norman Dubar's second suggestion (of making the cut-out larger) and his conclusion that this would make a good product better.

Alex Ellis

I've tried blueback, foam and cardboard, but it never looked good or worked well enough. This is what I've been waiting for - the official camera should come packaged with this. I've had it set up flush against a kitchen window and with the angled bracket for monitoring a plant growing. It's cheap.. so try it if you haven't

Gabriel Cesar

I've been looking for this since I spotted because it seemed so simple and easy to use with Raspberry Pi camera. And it was an excellent choice to make, because it gave me the chace to use the front part as a mounting base for the camera on my robot rover. Then I use the base part as a support to hang this product and make a little face for the robot as well: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/adafruit-mini-8x8-led-matrix-w-i2c-backpack This way I splitted in two the camera mounting base and allowed me to use it in two separate modes at the same time! Great!

Norman Dunbar

The build instructions on the Pimoroni site are great. I did find that it is easy to over tighten the two nuts furthest from the lens leading to distortion (ie, dramatic bending!) of the camera's circuit board. I wasn't very happy as loosening the nuts off to relieve the stress left them a little too loose for my taste. (I used to be an "engineer" and I like things to be tight!) As I received 5 screws + 8 nuts, I put a spare nut on between the camera and the mount to see if that helped.It worked, nearly. The other two nuts near the lens were now bending the board when any tension was applied. In the end, I cut some thin plastic tube I had into very short spacers and popped them in. It worked! May I suggest: 1. Supply 4 stand-offs to go between the mount front panel and the camera board. This may require a slight redesign of the base part to allow it to still fit into all 4 slots. 2. Alternatively, laser out an extra cut-out below the lens, so that the connector can be recessed into the front panel of the mount. All that is needed is a second hole beneath the lens one, or, extend the lens hole down to allow clearance for the connector. This should allow the camera to fit snugly to the front panel with no (hopefully) stress on the circuit board. Having said all that, yes, I'm happy with what I've purchased, but it might be possible to make it even better and reduce the chances of some people perhaps destroying their camera due to over tightening the nuts. Cheers, Norm.