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Raspberry Pi 4 Official Case – Red/White

by Raspberry Pi

The official Raspberry Pi 4 case, designed by Raspberry Pi to be an inexpensive, easy option for protecting your Pi 4.

  • Optional clip-on lid provides protection, but can be removed if you are using a HAT.
  • All primary ports (including micro-SD) accessible*
  • Snug and secure fit protects your Pi 4 while looking great
  • Anti-slipĀ feetĀ keeps your Raspberry Pi 4 stable
  • Power and activity lights still visible through theĀ end of the case


  • * This case does not allow access to the Pi's GPIO or camera ports whilst the lid is fitted. For a case with easier access to the GPIO and CSI/DSI ports check out our Pibow 4Ā case!
  • This case will accommodate a heatsink or case fan. However there are no vents for airflow so if you're planning on your Pi getting super toasty, you might want to consider something like a heatsink caseĀ instead.