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Engineer® Portable Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner and Stand

by Engineer

A clever portable soldering iron tip cleaner with a built-in soldering iron stand/rest bar.

It comes with two sponges of different densities and the rubber 'O' rings around the edge of the lid mean that the housing is completely airtight & watertight when closed - ideal for grabbing on the way to the makerspace in case you need an emergency soldering setup!


  • airtight lid with o-rings - keeps sponge moist & avoids water leakage while being transported / stored
  • ideal for use in the field or 'on-the-go'
  • smooth opening/closing lid action
  • can be used as a soldering iron 'rest' (see photos)
  • supplied with two cleaning sponges (of different densities)
  • housing: glass-filled nylon resin featuring heat resistance of 130C
  • external dimensions: 65mm (dia.) x 32mm (h) weight: 75g
  • made in Japan (ROHS compliant)

(Please Note: Soldering iron not included, but we sell some very nice ones here)