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Pico Header Pack

A pair of handy 1x20 male 0.1" headers perfectly suited for use with your Raspberry Pi Pico.

We have these high quality pin headers made custom for us from a high-temperature plastic that is designed specifically to survive temperatures inside a reflow oven. They are ideal for the professional and the hobbyist alike.

As well as being suitable to reflow the high-temperature plastic also holds up against hand soldering and rework helping to minimise damage when heat is applied.

Simply solder these headers onto the underside of your Raspberry Pi Pico to make it compatible with our range of Packs and Bases, or to be able to pop it into a breadboard.

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Pitch 0.1" / 2.54mm
Pin Length 5mm
Rated voltage 250V AC rms
Rated current 3A
Housing PA6T high-temperature plastic
Contact Material Copper alloy with gold plating